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What artists are saying about OLO markers

Read testimonials from world-renown artists and creatives.

Aaron Blaise

"I have been an artist and designer for 35 years. I recently had the opportunity to use OLO markers. They were absolutely fantastic! They went on like butter. I love them."

Terryl Whitlatch

“I've used many high-end marker brands over the past three decades in my work as a professional conceptual illustrator, wildlife artist, and creature designer for the Entertainment Industry. Believe me, I've tried them all and know their capabilities and idiosyncrasies. I have to say though, that the OLO marker surpasses them all in terms of performance and satisfaction. The ink flow is smooth, generous, and consistent--like photoshop in your hands--without streaking or blobbing.

They fit in your hand like a dream, plus they are lovely in design in and of themselves. Refilling them is clean, easy, neat, and efficient--never messy because you just replace the ink cartridge. You can also customize the markers to your heart's desire, and the brush tips are incredible, delivering a flow that is flawless and as smooth as butter.

This is absolutely the best marker ever--truly an artist's maker--and there is no looking back. If you are like me, where excellence in art is key to pleasing your clients, and efficiency in delivery is top priority, these markers will easily help you achieve your goals.”

Manny Currasco

"I’m super excited about these OLO markers. The fact that I can carry two colors in one marker is wonderful but the quality of the ink and the nibs are the best I’ve ever experienced and used. I’m very happy with these markers. They’re so smooth they’re almost zen."

Bryan Tillman

"I am very excited about the launch of the OLO markers. I have been working with all kinds of high end markers throughout my 20+ year career as a comic and game artist and I can tell you that these are the best markers that I have had in my hands. They have great weight distribution and feel great in my hand. Everything from the brush tip, to the ink flow, to the replacement of ink goes well beyond what I could imagine, and to top it all off the fact that I can customize my marker with both nibs and colors is going to change the game in the marker world. I am ready to switch to Olo markers and once you try them so will you."

Chris Uminga

“These OLO markers are a real game changer. I’ve been using high end markers most of my career and have never experienced a more smooth, vibrant marker like OLO. The nibs are fantastic and the color choices are awesome. Like I said these markers are real game changer that keeps the need of the artist in mind.”

Melody Howe

”No joke, OLO markers are the highest quality markers I’ve ever used. Ink flow is SO smooth, and it’s of the most perfect density and consistency, it literally *glides* across the paper. It gives me ASMR tingles just using it. But not only that; one marker has TWO cartridges that you can mix and match however you want. It lasts twice as long as any other marker—it’s the dream marker for poor artists…like myself.”


"I have no words to express how excited I am toward OLO. I've been an artist that travel to many Anime and ComiCon Convention for the pass 16 years, using and experience many high end markers, but not one that surpass the quality and customization OLO will offer. Many things I found with OLO that I love the most, has to be the durability of it's brush tips, 100% of refill and easy to swap, customization marker handle to fit your personality as an artist. If anyone knows how I use my art material, you can bet on it that OLO will last you a very long time and worth of your support to get into coloring your art piece"

Lydia Fiedler

“As a cardmaker and coloring enthusiast for more than 35 years, I've pretty much tried all the alcohol markers, and the OLO product feels like the answer to my legendary quest for "the one." Being able to choose the nib style on each end - huge. Being able to have two colors on a single marker - huge. I have go-to skin tone combos, floral combos, etc. that I cannot believe I'll be able to get in a single marker I customize. The fact that I can travel with one half of a marker, or two markers in one - as a working art teacher - is incredible - space and weight are such a big consideration when you travel to teach. But the FEEL of this marker is completely different. The flow of ink, and the velvety feel of the brush nib is absolutely unlike any of the dozens of markers I've used. To me, it has a painterly potential missing from a typical marker, and the process of coloring feels luxurious. I didn't think there was a giant leap forward possible in a product I'm so, so very familiar with, and I'm extremely happy to be wrong about that.”

Chihiro Howe

“I’ve worked mainly with alcohol markers throughout my life as an artist, and by far these OLO markers are the best I’ve tried. Great shape that fits nicely in my hand, beautiful colors that I’ve always wanted, the firmness of the nibs are just right, and the ink flow is so smooth and consistent that it is much easier to color for me, considering I use a lot of ink when I color. I also love the fact that I can customize the markers easily to fit my needs.These are markers made by artists for the artists, and I highly recommend using them if you are a marker artist.”

Dawn McTeigue

“The OLO markers are a game-changer! The smoothness of the ink flow & the buttery application by the nib will make my projects look better & the process of working on them go more smoothly. Refilling them myself is both risky & annoying. The fact that it’s a cartridge will save many a problem from an over-filled marker. I have spent countless hours attempting to fix coloring errors in my art from inconsistent ink flow. Or the worst has happened & a big drip of the wrong color landed on the face of my drawing! I’m extremely excited that the above-mentioned issues (and many more) have been carefully thought through by the OLO creative team & their marker system has brought solutions!”