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The Heart of Color™

Unparalleled Value

OLO is made up of two independent marker halves. Each half-marker holds 2ml of ink, for a total of 4ml of ink in a connected double-ended OLO(tm) marker. Traditional art markers contain around 2ml of ink total.

Not only does OLO start with double the amount of ink, but because of its patented technology, OLO uses over 90% of ink in the marker compared to only 65%-70% in a traditional marker.

Your Marker, Your Way

OLO is designed to allow an artist to create their marker their way. Mix nib and color combinations using the OLO Connector Ring. Would you like to add a handle for a traditional brush feel?

The OLO marker body-color allows for easy nib identification. The black marker body identifies the brush nib, while the dark gray marker body identifies the chisel nib. The white marker body identifies the ZERO (colorless solution) marker. Choose your combination: Brush/Chisel, Brush/Brush, Chisel/Chisel.

High-Quality Japanese Nibs Like No Other

The OLO brush nib provides a smooth, fluid application while maintaining balance and control. The OLO chisel nib is designed to provide optimal control for both thick and thin sharp lines.

Patented Technology

OLO is manufactured in Japan and developed around patented technology that uses a free-flow ink system. This technology solves many issues artists have had with traditional markers over the past several decades.

Traditional art marker manufacturers use a technology that hasn't changed in over 30 years. But unfortunately, there are significant issues with this old technology.

Traditional markers contain an absorbent material inside the barrel that holds the ink in place. This material traps as much as 35% of the ink that will never come out of the marker. This outdated technology also creates a volatile ink flow which starts ok but slowly degrades as you use the marker. It also limits the overall ink capacity that the marker can hold.

The Heart of Color

The OLO color palette features vibrant, beautiful hues that span the color spectrum with an assortment of gray to allow for color range extension and depth.

The Letter identifies the color family. The Hue represents a group of different colors within the color family. The Value represents the intensity of color, light to dark.

The OLO Replacement Ink Cartridge

Ink replacement is made easy with the OLO Replacement Cartridges. Traditionally, refilling markers can be messy. But, more importantly, in a typical alcohol marker, the absorbent material degrades each time the marker is refilled, making the marker less effective. With OLO, there is no absorbent material to degrade. Instead, simply replace the primary ink cartridge.

The Blender AKA:


Calling a colorless blender a “blender” is misleading as it does not allow for traditional blending techniques. The importance of this marker is in the absence of color, hence the name ZERO. Use ZERO with OLO to dilute color, add texture or minimize mistakes.

What Artists Are Saying

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store's happy customers.
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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store's happy customers.
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