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Our team has been in the marker business for over 20 years and we have supplied the industry with some of the best markers created to date. Now, through a culmination of feedback from artists and enthusiasts, we offer something better: OLO.

Unparalleled Value

Each OLO half-marker contains 2ml of ink, for a total of 4ml in an OLO double-ended marker. Traditional markers only have approximately 2ml of ink total. OLO’s patented free-flow ink technology utilizes over 90% of the ink compared to standard marker technology, with only 65-70% ink usage.

Your Marker, Your Way

OLO’s unique design features let artists custom-build marker and marker sets. For example, the OLO Connector ring combines various OLO™ marker ink colors, nibs, and more. Experience a new way to color with OLO accessories such as the Brush Handle.

The OLO™ marker body is designed for easy and quick nib identification. The black marker body identifies the brush nib, the dark gray for the chisel nib, and the white marker body identifies the ZERO (colorless solution) marker.


The OLO brush nib provides a smooth, fluid feel while maintaining balance and control.

In addition, the OLO chisel is designed to provide optimal control for thick and thin strokes.


Made in Japan, OLO™ marker is developed using patented technology that features a free-flow ink system.

Traditional art marker manufacturers use a technology that has remained unchanged for over 30 years. Unfortunately, there are significant issues with this outdated technology.

Inside traditional markers, an absorbent material holds the ink in place. However, this same material traps as much as 35% of the ink. This causes a volatile ink flow that degrades over time, while limiting the overall ink capacity that the marker can hold.

OLO’s patented technology solves these traditional marker issues. Thanks to the free-flow ink system, OLO markers hold twice as much ink as any other alcohol marker, with over 90% consistent ink usage.

The Heart Of Color™

The OLO color palette features vibrant, beautiful hues that span the color spectrum with an assortment of gray to allow for color range extension and depth.

A Color System That Works

The Letter identifies the color family. The Hue represents a group of different colors within the color family. The Value represents the intensity of the color, light to dark.

The OLO Replacement Ink Cartridge

Due to the outdated technology of your standard alcohol marker, refilling the ink is typically messy and time-consuming. In addition, this same technology degrades over time, causing you to refill your marker more as the ink capacity lowers. With OLO, there is no absorbent material to degrade; simply replace the ink cartridge.

Simply purchase a new ink cartridge when your OLO™ marker runs out of ink. Then, remove the nib and cap from your empty marker cartridge and use it with your new Replacement ink Cartridge. Then, you are back to creating with a few simple steps—no ink to meticulously drip, no accidental overfilling, no ink blobs, and no mess.

"The Blender"


Calling a colorless blender a “blender” is misleading since it does not allow for traditional blending techniques. The importance of this marker is in the absence of color, hence the name ZERO. Use ZERO with OLO alcohol markers to dilute color, add texture or minimize mistakes.

What Artists Are Saying


I have been an artist and designer for 35 years. I recently had the opportunity to use OLO markers. They were absolutely fantastic! They went on like butter. I love them.

Aaron Blaise

I’m super excited about these OLO markers. The fact that I can carry two colors in one marker is wonderful but the quality of the ink and the nibs are the best I’ve ever experienced and used. I’m very happy with these markers. They’re so smooth they’re almost zen.


These OLO markers are a real game-changer. I’ve been using high-end markers most of my career and have never experienced a more smooth, vibrant marker like OLO. The nibs are fantastic and the color choices are awesome.